Creative Consultation

Skate Southampton  TakeOver  at John Hansard Gallery, 2019
Skate Southampton Take Over, John Hansard Gallery, 2019

Nearly 600 children and young people from across all of Southamptonā€™s 16 wards have taken part in an artist-led ā€˜Creative Consultationā€™.

We want to hear about how children and young people currently experience culture. Together, their voices will form a picture for Southampton of how children and young people would like to experience creative activity across the city in future.

Their ideas will inform the next stages of the project which overall will see young people produce a Young Peopleā€™s Manifesto and Map; this will be adopted by Southampton City Councilā€™s ā€˜Child-Friendly Southamptonā€™ policy and will help to create a cultural programme that reflects their needs.

In order for us to find out what Southamptonā€™s children and young people think about the arts, we are delivering a programme creative workshops to schools, Early Years facilities, and informal settings across the city.

We are working with Southampton-based artists Nazneen Ahmed, Anna Carr, Faye Phillips and Natalie Watson to lead the workshops. Each artist specialises in a different creative field and together their work covers dance, theatre, photography, stitching, writing and visual art.

By the end of every workshop, each participant will have created their own artwork, achieved an Arts Award Discover certificate and made an invaluable contribution to a city-wide conversation about how children and young people want to experience arts and culture in Southampton.